Living Beyond™

Living Beyond™


Meet The Crag crusher


Have you ever wanted to combine your crag pack with your rope bag?  What if you could get your rope, your tarp and every other piece of gear that you need for a day at the crag into one pack?  What if you could keep all that gear organized in a simple, compact, easy to access way?

At Transcend Gear, our love of climbing drove us to ask these same questions, and the answer we came up with is too good to keep to ourselves.  Meet the Crag Crusher, a fully integrated rope bag / gear hauler.  We think it's the perfect climbing bag.  It takes everything you love about your rope bag (tangle free rope stored inside its tarp) and everything you love about your crag pack (huge storage space) and combines it all into one perfectly organized, compact bag.

The Crag Crusher hauls over 40 liters of gear in a package that compresses down much much smaller.  Combined with the largest integrated rope tarp on the market, you'll wonder how you survived so long without this bag.

The Crag Crusher will take care of the gear haul.  Now go crush that red point.


Crag Crusher Features

Feature – Mesh Compartment

Mesh compartments

With 4 mesh compartments (up to 30 liters of compartment space), you'll pack enough gear for two people to enjoy a day at the crag with room to spare.

Feature – Tarp

Massive removable Tarp

Massive (57" x 70") removable rope tarp means never worrying about your rope rolling in the dirt and it makes movement around the crag a breeze.


Tension Buckles

Beefy tension buckles combined with nylon webbing cinch the bag down to a minimal size, making it easier to carry.

Feature – 1K Denier Nylon

rugged design

600 denier nylon shell ensures that the Crag Crusher will hold up even in the harshest environment.

Feature – Backpack Straps

Backpack SYSTEM

Padded mesh backpack straps + padded back panel ensure a pleasant trip to the crag.  Just enjoy the views and let the crag crusher do the work.

Feature – Shoulder Strap

Shoulder Strap

Shoulder strap brings added flexibility for those times when you don't want to go full backpack style.

TG-Expandable Cinched Pocket.png


Cinching end pockets provide up 10 liters of additional storage space.  Perfect for helmets, shoes or any last minute items.

Feature – Gear Loops

8 External Gear loops

8 External gear loops allow you to strap on shoes, stick clips, or any other gear you can dream up.

Feature – Zipper Pocket

External zipper Pocket

Spacious External zippered pocket for quick access items (wallet, keys, guidebook, etc).

We’ll take care of the gear haul so you can crush the red point.